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Manifestation Coaching

  I can teach you how to use the law of Attraction to help you change your way of thinking to a more fulfilling and abundant mindset. What you think about becomes your reality as I've said multiple times throughout this website, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok. I will explain to you how anger, jealousy, hatred, and all other negative emotions can literally ruin your life. Even having an opinion about something or someone can have a negative impact on the things that come into your life. Getting involved in someone else's life, taking part in a rally, sit-in, convoys, etc can also have a negative impact especially when the ulterior motive is to cause harm, start fights, arguments, debates, hurt others, etc to make a point. All this is negative and will only greater more negativity and unwanted situations to show up in your life. 

  Sometimes life can get overwhelming and, can seem like you're standing in front of a mountain. It is my job to help you see it's not really a mountain at all, just a hill that we will climb together. Most of the time our minds take over and the doubt and negativity sneak in. I will show you how to turn that little devil on your shoulder into a light source that will nourish and envelope you with self-love and internal support to guide you to and through the next phase of your life.


  The latest neuroscience says it takes anywhere from 66 days to 365 to retrain our brains from the old way and habits and thinking into a more productive and powerful tool to evolve into a manifesting beast. 

 When we sleep our conscious mind sleeps as well however, our subconscious stays on high alert. This is where our dreams come from. We think thousands of thoughts every day, and our subconscious is at the root of it. I will show you how to retrain your brain so your subconscious will be rewired to think only good thoughts and empower you to feel more confident in your everyday choices.  This will open you up to manifesting more prosperity, and wealth by channeling the Law Of Attraction.



FREE 15 minute consultation

Prices vary depending on your requirements. I charge by the hour and by the month. 

Prices are subject to change.

I accept Canadian pricing in e-transfers and Paypal only! 

Please email me:

**Please note: This is NOT intended to replace counseling or therapy. I am not a licensed mental health expert even though I am a fully qualified Spiritual Life Coach. With that being said, There is no governing body in Canada that requires a Spiritual Life Coach to have a license.**


Hourly rate:

1 hour x 1 session: $100 CA

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Monthly Rate: 

4 sessions a month x 1hr=4hr: $380 CA SAVE 5%

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