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Under The Hood

As mentioned previously, the law of attraction is a philosophical believe that humans can have the life they desire and all the things in it by our pure will. Our thoughts do in fact, become things. Every thought whether its positive or negative. What you put out, you get back!

Let’s lift the hood a little more and expose the hardware...

Energy and vibration:

As we all know , all living things are made up of energy including money. In ordered to get that energy to start moving faster, we need friction and in this case it's our brains more so, the subconscious part. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The subconscious part of our brain is where our memories and past emotions are stored. As children we are raised the way our parents were raised even their past traumas seep into our up bringing.

In the movie The Secret by Rhonda Byrne she gathered a cast of 20 incredibly successful people each explaining their experiences and delves deep into the explanation of what and how it works. The common factor amongst all of them was energy and the flow and speed in which it is generated.

We are made up of molecules and we all know from basic science taught in elementary school, the faster the molecules move the more they bump into each other generating energy and thus, vibration. It's like sand placed on a table and when music is played at a high volume, the vibration of the music generates movement of the sand causing a pattern or design to be created.

The “design" you create is made by your vibration and that of the universe (all things are in constant motion even a rock). The more in tune you are with the vibration the more you are able to design the life you want.

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