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Jump Into Certainty

Living in a scarcity mindset is being the person who thinks if they save their money they will be rich one day. The truth is, saving money is a scarcity mindset. You worry if you don’t save, the money will run out.

That describes me perfectly! I had been faced with fear and uncertainty three times in my life and each time, I hadn’t any money but, I let go of the fear and took a leap of faith and jumped INTO certainty and each time, everything worked in my favour.

When we live in fear of the unknown we live in a fish bowl. We swim around and around with only the thought of being broke or ending up back into the situation we fought so hard to get out of. It feels safe in here, there isn’t anymore room for the unknown and we can see what is coming. However, we can’t live wide eyed and scared for the remainder of our lives. That’s not living!

Imagine seeing something better through the walls of your tank just out of reach. You know if you had the courage you can leap out of your self confinement into a life that is more fulfilling and rewarding and less dismal and depressing. The key word here is “knowing". You don’t see any other way but up and out so you decide to take that leap into your knowing and into a prosperous life.

Let go of your worries, fears and uncertainty and sit back into the knowing and believe everything will be okay. Your thoughts do literally become the things in your life. If you worry about not having enough money, there will be lack. If you live in a constant state of knowing, there will be abundance.

Your prosperity is just that, yours!

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