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In The Vortex of Self Creation

To be the in vortex means to be in alignment with your true self. When you have a day filled with a sense of calm, everything is happening without drama and you're at peace with who you really are, you are in the vortex of self alignment.

What Is A Vortex?

"A vibrational state of being that is the precursor to all positive motions that are moving forward of all that is. Being encapsulated and condensed to the source (Universe, God, Allah, etc). It is a pool of positive energy that we all have access to. We can't see it and we can't hear but we can definitely feel it."

*Abraham (Esther Hicks)

It's the physical environment where everyone is making a valid request for what they want and getting it because you are in alignment with the vibration of the vortex.

There is absolution in knowing whatever it is you ask for, you will receive without any doubt and with absolution of delivery.

Have you ever thought of something like a butterfly, a feather, someone reaching out to you or even your phone ringing and it happened? That's because you were flowing in the vortex and all these things became a reality because you manifested it.

Your vortex is in escrow and you're the only one who can get in there. All your wealth, health, happiness and everything else you think about, you have 100% access to. You also create everything that happens in your life by thought alone.

Think of it as a library, you can reach for what you want and hold it in your hand like a book on the top shelf.

All those books are for you but you need to get into and stay in the vortex. To remain positive. As soon as you allow a negative thought in or any type of doubt, those doors to the library are no longer wide open but are now ajar and the vortex becomes narrow. Neither closes, you have access to them at all times!

You are the key to your life's creations and all those books in your "library of escrow" you have written. Make sure the next time you write your next book you index it in a new category of "self creation/Alignment".

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