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How Your Childhood Memories Control Your Subconscious Mind

As children we were exposed to our parents, teachers or even someone else's limiting beliefs especially towards money, personal appearances, religion, politics, etc. Their beliefs found the way into our subconscious mind and became our beliefs. As we became adults, we held onto those thoughts/beliefs and now they dictate our daily lives. We weren't given the freedom to shape our own subconscious mind void of anyone else's opinions.

These limiting beliefs hold us back from our true potential, denying us the freedom to create the lives we truly deserve and want.

Do these sound familiar?

  1. "Money is the root of all evil!"

  2. "If you want anything in life you have to do it the old fashion way. You have to earn it!"

  3. "Get a job!" (working for someone else making their dreams come true while you only have time to dream about yours)

  4. "If I ask for what I want I might be rejected. So why try?"

  5. "I'm not good enough!"

  6. "I'm ugly!"

  7. "I don't deserve to be happy!"

  8. "You have to have money to make money!"

  9. "I'm not smart enough!"

  10. "It's selfish of me to want more!"

  11. "I'm poor!"

All these are limiting beliefs and of course, if you believe them then you are right! Somewhere in your childhood someone said said these to you or, you overheard them being spoken. Now they are so deeply ingrained in your subconscious mind that they are your "reality". The truth is, none of these are real. You subconscious mind is jammed packed with other peoples beliefs, not you're own.

If you could start over...if you could get rid of all those limiting beliefs, what would you replace them with? How about:

  1. "Money continuously flows to me in abundance from all sources right now!"

  2. "If I want anything in life, work toward MY dreams!"

  3. "My job is to remain peaceful, calm, abundance, healthy and joyful and no cost to anyone other than myself! I am worthy!!!"

  4. "If I don't ask for what I want, then I will never get what I deserve. Speak up!"

  5. "My worth is dictated by my desires, my self integrity and my own positive thinking!"

  6. "My appearance, the curve of my body, the colour of my eyes and the colour of my hair, is a tribute to all the ancestors who came before me. I AM BEAUTIFUL!"

  7. "It is my divine birthright to be happy, wealthy, healthy and wise. I deserve a life with with abundance and prosperity!"

  8. "I am a money magnet! Money falls effortlessly into my lap from known and unknown sources!"

  9. "I am more than capable of reprogramming my subconscious mind through repetition and firm dedication to any and all situation. I am smarter than I think I am!"

  10. "I deserve to be selfish. I have to live my life for me! My selfishness is vital to my success!"

  11. "I AM: wealthy, abundant, wise, rich in all areas of my life!"

By replacing all your negative beliefs (that someone else gave dare them!) with positive beliefs that everything in life is yours and you deserve to be everything you desire.

As Dr.Wayne Dyer said on many occasions, "We are spiritual beings having human experiences". We are made up of cosmic energy and we're directly linked to the energies of the universe. You already are everything that is wonderful. Money is energy, love is energy, health is energy, everything is energy and because we are too, all we have to do is ask, and it is given.

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