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Oracle Card Readings

Oracle cards have been used for hundreds of years as a form of devination. Unlike the 78 cards in a tarot deck, oracle cards are more "free form" and easier to understand. These cards contain a picture or graphic with a description underneath explaining in just a few words what the card meaning is. 


Oracle cards can be laid out in any format. Similar to a tarot deck, these cards are used for introspection and guidance. 

The image on the right is from Colette Baron-Reid Enchanted Maps Oracle Deck. As you can see, the images are stunning and the words beneath the image tells the meaning. When laid out in any way, the meaning goes from one card to several, thus telling a bigger story. 

I've been reading Oracle and Tarot decks for over 30yrs and have mastered the craft of channeling into the depths of the meanings of each card and every reading and as a result, I prefer this style of divination. Oracle cards are easier to explain and easier for the client to remember and interpret. The images are often elegant, playful and bright making oracle decks much more enjoyable to read and use.

**I will print off the image of your personal reading along with meanings so you can use it as a reference when it's needed.**

Oracle Card Reading Appointment Rates

E-Transfer's through Canadian banks only

30 Minutes


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60 Minutes


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