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About Little Ol '  Me

Hi there, let me introduce myself, my name is Natalie, I'm a mom to two very beautiful adult daughters both are on their own making fantastic lives for themselves.


I hadn't always lived a life of rainbows and gum drops. I dealt with sever anxiety and with it, depression. I was put on various prescriptions without much success. My subconscious brain tortured me 24/7 always worrying about the worse case scenario. Having inherited the gift "or as my mom use to say, The curse" of precognition. I had seen horrific things happen before they did (but only moments before). The turning point for me was when my sister was in a serious car accident in our teens. I knew it was going to happen! I begged her to not go then I went to my mom and demanded she not allow her to leave the house. She went anyway and for 2 hours I was tortured with visions of broken glass, blood and my sister on the ground bleeding. 2.5 hours later someone knocked on the door and it was a RCMP officer telling my parents the inevitable. From that moment on I tried to block out any precognitive images and in doing so, I developed severe anxiety anytime that familiar feeling would surface. 

So how did I overcome my anxiety and depression? In a very unforeseen (of all things) way.


In 2006 I happened upon a book called, "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne. This was a game changer that book (and later the movie) literally changed my life. I overcame my mental health issues and with it, I gained a deep sense of inner peace unlike anything I had experienced before. I changed my self dialogue, how I approached certain events and people and gained a deeper understanding of my true souls purpose. That deep inner peace that I "discovered" had actually always been right here, with me the entire time.  My subconscious thinking was suppressing it and I was drowning in a make-believe world of fear and doubt. A world I inadvertently created by spending far too much time in my own head.


When I was growing up in the 70's and 80's there was no discussion about the law of attraction or how to go about learning the ins and outs or how to take control of our thoughts and emotions. I always was told to "think positive", "chin up! Better days are coming, you just have to be positive.", etc. 

But how? How do I know better days are coming when all it has been, is shit? When things go wrong, and we start to think worse case scenario, we weren't taught how to change the way we think and how our thoughts controlled our lives. We were never taught about the meaning of intent and how a single thought can transform a single event. 

We go through our lives just living and doing our thing just to survive and to take things as they come!

But now, 16 years after I first watched The Secret movie by Rhonda Byrne and years of studying the LOA (Law of Attraction) and applying it to my life, I can honestly say, it is in fact, real! I have relocated to a new city with barely any money in my bank account, I've manifested jobs, my partner, inanimate objects like a blender, chandelier, even my apartment. I've had things happen like a glitch on computer when I went to pick up a U-Haul that made it impossible for the sales guy to make a new price adjustment and I walked away spending $400 less for a 25 foot truck. I've even healed myself after a potentially serious life ending unprovoked blood clot in my femoral artery by saying day in and day out, "Thank you for my healing!".


I took things a step further and made the big decision to follow my bliss and became a fully qualified Spiritual life coach. Something I have always wanted to become since the age of 19. I've now done that! I have had the privilege of standing in line at a store and having people standing either in front of me or behind and started to engage in conversation. They've told me things their best friend doesn't know because they know and can sense my heart is good and my spirit is open to them. I have the gift of listening and not just listening so I can respond but allowing the person in front of me the safety to let it all out. It is my soul agreed to come to earth and fulfill my duty and responsibility to be of service to others.

In this blog and through this website, I will teach you how to change your subconscious mind and switch your life from one of humdrum to a life of prosperity. I will discuss aspects to motivate you and to inspire change from deep within so you can teach others. I will discuss how I overcame sever anxiety and depression and even how to create your sacred space. We will cry and I can promise you, we will laugh and it will all be worth it!

Follow me on this journey to The Power of Prosperity!

P.S: If no one told you today, I love you!

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